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CBRE QHSE Approved PPE Kit

The standard PPE Kit for CBRE with all the approved kit needed. All sizing in mens large. If you require different sizing please select the QHSE Approved CBRE PPE Kit with no sizing and state sizes in the assign to field.


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Item Code Item Description Size Quantity
1010103M Super KW Stockinette Mens M 1
1010106GRYL PU Coated Glove Grey Large L 1
1010390GRNL Kutstop Micro Foam Nitrile Green Cut Level 5 Glove 09/Large 09 1
1102037 B-Brand Safety Bump Cap Green + CBRE Logo ONESIZE 1
2212183GRN B-Brand Vented Safety Helmet Green + Chinstrap + CBRE Helmet Sticker (White) ONESIZE 1
1200115 B-Brand Folding Ear Defender ONESIZE 1
EYEWEAR One Pair Of Goggles/Spectacles ONESIZE 1
1900002 Disposable P3 Mask Non-Valved (Pack of 5) ONESIZE 1
2211645SYL Hi-Visibility Vest Saturn Yellow Large + CBRE Logo (Green) + CBRE Logo (Green) L 1
8200119L Letz-U-Grip Snow & Ice Grips Large (Sizes 7-10) L 1
2950191 WSID01 Ice Hard Hat ID Tag ONESIZE 1
1010346TH10 Contender Sleeve(TH) 10 10 1
6201903 CBRE PE Kit Bag ONESIZE 1
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Gender Unisex