Blackline G7c EU Device

Single Gas
2 Gas - Diffusion
3 Gas - Diffusion
4 Gas - Diffusion
2 Gas - Pump
3 Gas - Pump
4 Gas - Pump

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G7 Insight is the new and simple solution that bundles industry-leading gas detection with automated compliance and business analytics tools. For the first time ever, the days of manually collecting data from the field, reviewing spreadsheets and compiling reports are behind you.

G7 Insight is the world’s first comprehensive gas detection system to harness 3G/2G connectivity. With just a few minutes of connectivity per day, all data automatically recorded by G7 devices in the field is uploaded to the Blackline Safety Network for compilation and report generation.

Blackline is the only gas detection manufacturer in the world to offer a modular plug-and-play design with gas sensor cartridges, empowering teams to customise their gas detectors like never before. We built G7 Insight to address the shortcomings of other systems, and to make deploying a world-class gas detection solution simple and effective.

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